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Le datawarehouse retenu pour la solution Stash
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Le datawarehouse retenu pour la solution Stash

Dans le cadre du développement du notre solution Stash by Modeo, nous avons choisi d’utiliser Clickhouse comme datawarehouse. À cette occasion, Ismael Goulani, CTO de Modeo, a répondu aux questions des équipes de Clickhouse.

Clickhouse: Can you tell us more about Stash by Modeo?

Ismael: Stash is our solution that allows customers to monitor and optimize the cost, carbon footprint, and usage of their data platform. As part of an important Corporate Social Responsibility initiative aligned with climate change issues, companies need very granular, real-time data that shows and measures the carbon emissions generated by the use and storage of their data.

CK:  What are the needs that Stash addresses?

Ismael: We built Stash by syncing our customers Data Platforms’ metadata and logs into ClickHouse which provides low latency, high throughput, and efficient storage. We believe that with more data-driven businesses, there will be an exponential growth in data consumers. Stash helps our customers manage this growth sustainably by providing insights into their data usage and cost, ultimately leading to better business outcomes and data adoption.

CK: Why did you choose ClickHouse as your data warehouse solution for Stash?

Ismael: We evaluated multiple solutions to determine the best fit for our requirements. We needed a solution that could handle scaling requirements while providing end-users with real-time analytics and high customer satisfaction. ClickHouse met these requirements and more.  For that, our team decided to continue our trusted relationship with ClickHouse. It’s highly scalable, can handle large volumes of data, and provides efficient storage. Our customers also appreciate the low latency and real-time analytics capabilities that ClickHouse provides.

CK: How does Modeo prioritize speed in your operations?

Ismael: Speed is critical for us because we want to maintain our agility as a young company. We continuously look for ways to streamline our processes and eliminate bottlenecks that could slow us down. ClickHouse helps us achieve this by providing efficient storage, which reduces the time it takes to deploy applications. We also use a variety of tools to create customized dashboards that meet our customers’ specific needs, which further reduces the time to insights.

CK: That’s impressive. Can you share any data points on the impact that ClickHouse and Stash have had on your customers?

Ismael: We’ve seen a significant reduction in costs and improved data adoption and business outcomes for our customers. We’re currently working on making Stash available as a beta, and we look forward to sharing more data points once we have more customers using it.

CK: Thank you for sharing your insights with us, Ismael.

Ismael: Thank you for having me!

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